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Tanks, Linings, & Equipment

GOAD provides the longest lasting, most trouble free containment solutions. GOAD is the "Leader in Linings" due to our industry proven innovations and technical advancements. Our "A.E.S. ValuePricing" (VP) options allow you to choose the product that fits your needs (See Why GOAD for details).

Whether you need a single component for existing facilities, refurbishing of current equipment, or a complete processing system, GOAD has the experience and versatility to meet your objectives.

Our manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-the-art steel fabricating, tank lining and thermoplastic welding, bending, and butt-welding equipment. Our knowledgeable and certified technicians average over 23 years of experience at GOAD.

Thanks for your interest - we welcome your questions and invite you to view our complete line of products and services.

GOAD Services & Featured Equipment


  • Solid, Stronger & Fewer Welds
  • Double-Protected Corners
  • Superior High Performance Koroseal
  • 2-3 Times Service Life


  • No Bonding, No Adhesives
  • Higher Temperatures
  • Drop-In or Field Installed
  • Refurbished Old Tank With New Liner-ing warranty
  • Overlay Failed Lining Without Removal

Leak Monitoring, Rule Out:

  • Downtime to Empty, Clean and Dry Tanks
  • Spark Testing Time and Risks
  • Faulty Insulators on Electrified Tanks
  • Significant Downtime/Repair Costs

Systems and Machines