Kynar PVDF Tanks and Box Liners

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GOAD COMPANY, through it’s continuous advancements in containment technologies, evidenced by it’s newly issued U.S. Patent (#9,278,478), introduces cost-effective Kynar PVDF Tanks and Box Liners to the market. Kynar® PVDF Tank Liners are the best solution for difficult, highly corrosive, high temperature applications.   Kynar® PVDF laminated box liners are easy to install, require minimal or no tank preparation, can be installed over existing linings without removal, and are offered with extended warranties. The proven performance of N-FUZE® Tank Linings and DuoBear® Box Liners, offered by GOAD for the past 10 years, is taken to the next level by using our patented technologies with Kynar® PVDF. The ability to fabricate durable, easy-to-install, long lasting and cost-effective Kynar® PVDF Laminates is a win for you. GOAD’s state-of-the-art fabrication methods eliminate hand welds and the common failures associated with them. For over 60 years GOAD has led the surface finishing industry with advancements in critical containments, offering our customers the longest lasting, most trouble free solutions.