GOAD provides the longest lasting, most trouble free process tanks available in the world. Patented and Patent Pending breakthroughs cannot be found elsewhere and our Value Added solutions are offered at three price points.

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“A.E.S. ValuePricing” (VP):

“A”dvantage VP: Our AnKorWeld® Liner-ing System combines the ease of a liner with the proven performance of N-FUZE® Lining at an affordable price. We eliminate the extra time and materials required to strip your old lining and prepare the surface for a new bonded lining that requires priming and glueing both the steel and lining sheets.

“E”xceptional VP: N-FUZE® Lining overcomes problems from seam strip hand welding. With no hand welds, double protecting corner inserts and fewer and stronger machine welds GOAD guarantees NO WELD FAILURES.

“S”uperior VP: GOAD’s 2as1 SpaceTank® System eliminates emptying, cleaning and drying tanks for preventative maintenance spark testing to find a small leak. In addition, the system prevents a small leak from leading to failure that creates unplanned downtime. This “DoubleUp” system offers secondary containment at the tank itself and allows for easy, full tank leak monitoring of the inner tank so there are NO undetected, silent or surprise leaks, EVER! “NASA Proven” design and TANKeye® Inspector leak detection uses water underneath the inner tank to assure there are no leaks to the outer tank.

Are you fed up with: – premature failures? – costly downtime? – repair hassles? We offer Worry Free containment solutions. GOAD customers keep coming back. By reducing Total Cost of Ownership GOAD increases your bottom line.